Lifestyle is a way of capturing real moments in real spaces. 
Have you ever wished your family photos said more about your family and less about a "perfect pose?"
In ten, twenty, even fifty years, wouldn’t you rather look at your photos and remember exactly how life was at that exact time? All the real embraces, genuine laughter, loving gazes . . . those are things you miss in posed photography. 
In our session, I can photograph you in any number of ways, depending on your needs. If you have a newborn, I will document you as you take care of your baby—even simple things like diaper changes, calming baths, and feedings will feel indescribably special in the years to come. 
Or, I will document you cooking in the kitchen with your future spouse as you laugh and play, snuggling under your favorite blanket, or sharing a morning cup of coffee . . . special moments that will remind you how it felt to be young and in love.
No matter what kind of lifestyle session you want, I can deliver. The more creative, the better! And it doesn’t matter if your home is perfect, because trust me, every single little detail will be meaningful years down the road.
Best of all, these sessions are a blast. I’ll bring you Starbucks (if that’s your thing), and we’ll have a great time! 
So what do you say? Let me help you remember.

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