Lisa Woodard | Yoga Documentary

I first met Lisa after photographing a mutual friend, Sarah Hall. Lisa contacted me wanting me to do the same for her, and at this time I was already shifting into the documentary portion of my business, so I decided to take it a step further and interview her. 

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Larissa Carter | Art Lifestyle Session

This session was such a joy for me! I absolutely LOVE photographing people in their element, doing things they're most passionate about. In Larissa's case, she is a talented artist, and honestly, I would hang ANY of her art in my home. It's all beautiful. She makes me want to try my hand at watercolors! When we were finished, she showed me her other passion — playing piano! 

There is nothing in the world I would rather do than this: immortalizing people doing things that set their souls on fire. If you're an artist, musician, chef, whatever it is you do that brings you happiness, let me document that for you! You won't want to forget this time in your life. Trust me. 

Thank you, Larissa, for the privilege! <3 


Sarah Hall | Yoga Lifestyle Session

Sarah is the reason I am passionate about yoga. A few years ago, I went to her one of her classes with some friends and while I found the practice extremely challenging, I was also instantly addicted. I had hopes of earning my yoga instructor certification before I found out I was pregnant, and visiting with Sarah yesterday rekindled that dream of mine. 

Sarah and her family live in a GORGEOUS historical home, built in 1907. I'm not lying when I say my heart fluttered when I walked inside. It's absolutely breathtaking. Something about old homes just takes my breath away! 

Sarah put on a music playlist that she often uses in her classes, laid out a beautiful rug in some warm, natural light, and sat down to begin her practice. This was the first time (possibly ever) that I've done almost a whole session without directing my subject. I was just a fly on the wall as I captured her every move. I actually got a bit emotional! It was exquisite and the atmosphere was so charged with creativity and joy. 

While we were finishing up we got some more creative shots and I got to really utilize a 1.8 aperture. At the end we chatted for a bit and it was just such a wonderful experience all around.

Thank you again, Sarah, for allowing me this privilege! <3