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When I entered Jared and Laurie's home, Jared was rocking his newborn daughter, Remy, while Laurie finished getting ready for our session. I recognized something very familiar in both of their eyes—they had been transformed by her birth. They were glowing. Tired, sure, but radiant. I asked Jared how he was enjoying parenthood and he told me it was incredible. Nothing sweeter than seeing a big, strong man totally enraptured by his baby. And then Laurie emerged, beautiful as ever, and I watched her lovingly scoop up her daughter like she'd done it a million times before. Such a beautiful sight! 

There's something magical about watching new parents navigate the brand newness of raising a baby. While we worked through our session, I occasionally asked questions about how they were settling in, and how much sleep they were getting. Baby Remy Rae woke about half-way through, and I was surprised to see how completely chill she was, happy to look around and not making a peep. I could tell then that she is a gentle soul. 

These two are already amazing parents, and Remy is one lucky baby girl! 

Congratulations, Laurie and Jared! It was an honor!