Marley Langston | Bethany Children's Center

I've known Kaela and Landon for a few years and have watched Marley's story unfold via Facebook for the past few months. We have been planning an in-home lifestyle session for some time now, but Marley has needed immediate health care for longer than planned, so I wanted to come and document this important, special part of their journey, too. When I first saw Marley in person, I felt an overwhelming sense of adoration and awe.

Marley had tubes connected to her, some of which I couldn't even tell you their purpose. She was bright and alert, her little arms and legs moving and stretching, just like any other baby her age. She has the sweetest little lips and prettiest eyes. Cutest little nose. I instantly wanted to cuddle her, but of course, I couldn't. Watching her liveliness was enough, though. What a sweet, sweet girl!

Marley is a little warrior. I don't know all the details enough to expand upon her condition, but this is what I do know: She was born with a defect in her brain (specifically, the Vein of Galen) that ultimately caused her heart to grow to 3x its normal size. Her momma was induced so they could get to work correcting whatever was ailing her, which they thankfully diagnosed quickly. She has undergone many procedures and has more to go, but she was recently transferred to the Children's Center for rehabilitation, which is excellent and a HUGE relief for her parents!

Kaela and Landon, I want you to know that your strength and faith is inspiring not only to me, but to many. I know you've had no choice but to persevere, but know that you have done so in a way that reflects your faith in God and your love for your beautiful girl. I can't wait to see how she continues to heal and flourish! She is such a miracle!

Please, if you are reading this, pray for Marley's healing and continued strength and peace for her family. If you would like to follow her progress, "like" this page.