Bailey Mae Daft | Newborn

Hi folks! It's been a while since I blogged, but not due to a lack of sessions—I've been on an exciting roller coaster for a couple months now! Three of my books were published! If you didn't know I'm a writer, you can look me up at for information about my books. Between edits, interviews, and blogging about my books, I haven't had much time to breathe! But I'm happy to say that I am officially back in the swing of things.

Let's talk about this beautiful baby. I mean, seriously. Could she be any cuter? I have been friends with her mother for a few years now and I have had the pleasure of seeing her first son grow into a brilliant and charming three-year-old, and now I have another sweet baby to call me "Miss Allison!" 

When I first arrived at the Daft residence, miss Bailey Mae was wide awake and perfectly content to watch me and my camera while mom tried to lull her to sleep. After a couple of feedings and a diaper change, she was a happy camper and quickly drifted into the ideal newborn sleep that every photographer loves. You know—the kind where you can position and reposition them and the most they do is frown. :)

Here are a few of my favorites! I LOVED doing this session.