Larissa Carter | Art Lifestyle Session

This session was such a joy for me! I absolutely LOVE photographing people in their element, doing things they're most passionate about. In Larissa's case, she is a talented artist, and honestly, I would hang ANY of her art in my home. It's all beautiful. She makes me want to try my hand at watercolors! When we were finished, she showed me her other passion — playing piano! 

There is nothing in the world I would rather do than this: immortalizing people doing things that set their souls on fire. If you're an artist, musician, chef, whatever it is you do that brings you happiness, let me document that for you! You won't want to forget this time in your life. Trust me. 

Thank you, Larissa, for the privilege! <3 

Brittany Abernathy | Lifestyle Session

If you know me, you know I love horses. I grew up around them and I've been horse crazy since I could walk! So when Brittany contacted me for a session with her horse, Sandman, I was instantly excited and couldn't wait to get started.

We had to chase the elusive sun, but I think we still captured that fresh, autumn glow!

What a sweet horse! He took incredible care of his best friend, who was nervous to ride bareback AND in a dress. Brittany, you did amazing, and I am so glad you chose me to capture the essence of your bond with your sweet boy!

PS: Check out the very last photo for a hilarious blooper. Brittany was a bit nervous the first time I asked her to lope, and she looked like someone straight out of Braveheart! I even added a sword for hilarious effect. ;)

Ethan Seshie Lifestyle Newborn Session

Is this little boy not the sweetest babe you've ever seen?! I had so much fun with this session. Thank you, Seshie family, for allowing me into your home! Baby Ethan is absolutely beautiful!

Ashlyn Crowley | Fresh 48

One of my favorite things about lifestyle photography is that it's so versatile. I love going into hospitals to document a newborn when they are less than 48 hours old! There's a "newness" to them that you can't quite capture at their newborn session; the difference a week can make is huge! 

At this session, I got to snuggle this sweet babe before taking her photos. She was so tiny! I can't even remember my daughter being that small! I was even able to offer a tip that helped soothe her: a white noise app on my phone. It always worked for my daughter too. :)

Here are a few of my favorite shots from her session!

Jacob and Alia | Engagement Portraits

Alia and Jacob are one of the sweetest couples I've ever had the privilege of meeting! Alia wanted a sunset session, but her time in Oklahoma City was limited and the forecast showed rain this particular evening. So rather than risking it, we decided to shoot earlier and avoid the rain (but my goodness, was it hot outside!).

I have to say, though, that the lighting worked in our favor and turned out beautifully. Their session was at Bluff Creek Park, where we utilized different trails and paths. The trees provided just the right amount of shade while still filtering light through. I instructed them to do a lot of silly things that made them laugh, and the end result was totally worth it!

Congratulations, Alia and Jacob, and your engagement. I wish you all the best in your coming marriage! 

Sarah Hall | Yoga Lifestyle Session

Sarah is the reason I am passionate about yoga. A few years ago, I went to her one of her classes with some friends and while I found the practice extremely challenging, I was also instantly addicted. I had hopes of earning my yoga instructor certification before I found out I was pregnant, and visiting with Sarah yesterday rekindled that dream of mine. 

Sarah and her family live in a GORGEOUS historical home, built in 1907. I'm not lying when I say my heart fluttered when I walked inside. It's absolutely breathtaking. Something about old homes just takes my breath away! 

Sarah put on a music playlist that she often uses in her classes, laid out a beautiful rug in some warm, natural light, and sat down to begin her practice. This was the first time (possibly ever) that I've done almost a whole session without directing my subject. I was just a fly on the wall as I captured her every move. I actually got a bit emotional! It was exquisite and the atmosphere was so charged with creativity and joy. 

While we were finishing up we got some more creative shots and I got to really utilize a 1.8 aperture. At the end we chatted for a bit and it was just such a wonderful experience all around.

Thank you again, Sarah, for allowing me this privilege! <3

Patrick Morgan Jr | Lifestyle Newborn

I recently did a maternity session for the Morgans, and I have come to adore this little family so much! Thankfully they live right up the road from me, so our little ones can have playdates in the years to come! 

Baby Patrick stole my heart immediately. He was so tiny and sweet, and when he fell asleep in my arms it SERIOUSLY made me miss those tender moments I shared with my daughter ten months ago! He is absolutely precious, and I had the hardest time choosing which photos to deliver. I didn't even want to stop editing because this session was such a joy to work on! 

Your son is perfect, Megan and Patrick! <3 <3 <3 Thank you for giving me the honor of documenting this special time in your lives! 

The Keislings | Lifestyle Newborn

I recently ran a contest for a free lifestyle newborn session, and Samantha Keisling won! I was so excited to photograph them in their gorgeous, light-filled home. Can we all just collectively appreciate how beautiful they are? And that baby... OMG! I had to remind myself now is NOT the time to have another one! Lol! So, so sweet. Thank you, Sam and Loren, for allowing me this privilege! <3 

The Andersons | Mini Session

When Leah contacted me and told me she and her husband, Michael, were needing a mini session, I was happy to work with them. I learned that their beloved dog, Miles, had been diagnosed with liver cancer and they only had a few remaining weeks with him. This session was an emotional one. Miles is such a sweet, funny, enthusiastic guy and just looking at him, you'd never know he was sick! I can tell he has brought his humans unspeakable joy throughout his thirteen years in this world. Thank you, Leah and Michael, for trusting me with this special session. 

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The Lakins | Lifestyle Session

Cooper was born very shortly after my daughter, Evelyn, (and Shanna works with my husband), so I have had a blast getting to know this family over the past several weeks! This session was SO much fun! I've had the pleasure of enjoying time in this hot tub with my baby girl, so when Shanna said she wanted photos of their family doing the same thing (which is also their nightly routine), I was immediately on board! Such a sweet, funny, warm family! 

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Becky Walker | Nursing Lifestyle Session

There is something so special about capturing the precious moments of a momma nursing her baby. It makes me feel so honored—like I'm allowed to immortalize their sacred bond, and that's something I will never take lightly. This session was no different. I absolutely adored seeing the love in this little man's eyes as he gazed at his mother. There was such a joyful atmosphere in the room and I couldn't stop grinning.

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Bailey Mae Daft | Newborn

When I first arrived at the Daft residence, miss Bailey Mae was wide awake and perfectly content to watch me and my camera while mom tried to lull her to sleep. After a couple of feedings and a diaper change, she was a happy camper and quickly drifted into the ideal newborn sleep that every photographer loves. You know—the kind where you can position and reposition them and the most they do is frown. :)

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